Goodbye friends

It’s bittersweet to share this with you guys.
New adventures and a new chapter lie ahead.

I started baking as a child pretty young…it all started when my grandpa and I were trying to bake my grandma a birthday cake. It was a cake mix and I still remember to this day it was a brick; we must’ve left something out. We ran back to Kroger, bought another mix, and I took over. Then there was the candy business for 5 years that I started at age 9.

At 14, I found my real love for baking and started my home business, years later at 20, I bought my first bakery, at 22 I opened Scratch. What a wild ride.

It was my dream to be in my hometown, Tipp City, especially in the Cairns building. I had the chance to work in my favorite place as a child, Cairns Toys and then had the opportunity to work at Sweet by Kristy- where I held my first bakery job. Having such a special place to be the home of Scratch has been the adventure of a lifetime. Customers who have became friends, countless people I’ve met who now hold a special place in my heart and all that we’ve been able to give back to the community I love are all things I’ll never forget.

You’re probably wondering what’s next. Well, it’s time to buckle up and go on another wild ride. After all these years of hard work, it’s time to slow down, cherish life, and live. Columbus will now be home. Many moons ago, I started a college degree that I now plan to finish. I look forward to spending quality time with those that I hold closest to my heart and having some freedom to just simply live. I’ve had a business for 17 years of my 25 years of life. (I just realized that. Wow, that’s a long time.)

Thank you for helping this kiddo live his wildest dreams. I’m so damn thankful for each and every single one of you. You all will hold a special place in my heart forever.

Stay sweet 🍭