All About Scratch Bakery

During his senior year in high school and freshman year at Wright State, Tipp City native, Justin (Tyler) Livingston worked for Kristy Reis at her cupcake shop on Main Street. Prior to his second year at Wright State, Justin saw a business opportunity buy a cupcake shop in Oakwood, named Moore Dessert Please. This store gained some notoriety on a popular TV show called Cupcake Wars. While with Moore Dessert Please, Justin developed his skills with custom cakes and cookies.

Move Back Home

Justin found the opportunity to move back home to Tipp City when Kristy announced the closure her store at 29 E. Main St. With the arrival of Scratch Bakery, Justin plans to carry items that SWEET baked and assembled plus custom cakes, a regularly rotating menu of homemade cookies and more.

Know More about Scratch Bakery

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